OSRCon 7

OSRCon is happening again on 27 August. More details available at http://www.osrcon.ca The conversation is on the G+, so go to the site and follow to OSRCon Toronto.

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OSRCon 6

OSRCon is happening again on 28 August this month. More details available at http://www.osrcon.ca

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Arduin Mural

The first edition of Arduin Grimoire had cover art by Erol Otus. The second edition had art by Greg Espinoza. He had recently won the Bally pinball art contest in Starlog magazine (Feb. 1980, issue #31).

He did two pictures for Dave Hargrave for the front and back of the second edition of Arduin Grimoire. I’ve been in the process of copying the back cover to my wall. It started in March, so it’s been six months so far. I work on it in dribs and drabs. I had to redo the face three times. I figure most of the hard parts are done and the rest is reproducing several repeating texture patterns. As is clear, I’m no Greg Espinoza.

I will say that the mural is so large, perhaps 7-8′, that it looks like the gate into a diorama I could walk into. I’ve scaled it up about X20. Almost life sized. When I stand in front of it, I’m a bit shocked by the strength of the impression it makes.


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I just found out that OSRCon happened this year. So, I’m learning this two weeks after the fact. OK, that’s a shame. I would have liked to have gone. Here’s hoping there’s an OSRCon 6.

Here’s to the people that went this year. I’m sure it was a great event.



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New Rules For Combat Resolution

Forget the dice.



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“D&D origin story movie makers” make a saving throw versus jackass

I guess we’re going to have to wait a little longer for a movie on the origins of D&D. Looks like the movie started with good intentions is bogged down with personality conflicts. $250,000, two years, no movie, and one big law suit. Hmm… I wonder where the money’s going now? Don’t listen to the naysayers. You can be 13 again. Even if you’re 45.

The fourth-last paragraph has a reference to “Chainmail” from the the daughter of the co-author with Gary, Jeff Perrin. Sweet.


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OSRCon IV and Brian Russell

I went to OSRCon IV on the weekend and it was great fun. I had no more expectation that I’d ever go to OSRCon again than I would type on this blog. After three times I was exhausted. I asked for help and didn’t really get any, so I said screw it. Brian Russell decided he’d carry it on regardless. He didn’t ask permission, he just did it, which I think is the only way to go about things.

OSRCon IV was fun and congratulations to him. It was a great job. I think people felt they could have had more, that perhaps it ended a bit early. I think we can say there will be an OSRCon V. When it happens, you’ll have Brian to thank. And that’s a good thing if for no other reason than he’s a nicer person than I am. I can be a moody prick. If you want to see pictures of the event, you can go to the OSRCon IV G+ page.

OSRCon V. It has a nice, solid ring to it. Like “Ogre Mark V”.

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