Too complicated

I had this idea that people would register online. Then they’d get a member number. OK, so far so good. Then I thought each number would be designated virtual until they showed up at the event in person and then they became real. At that point they could choose games they wanted to play.

This is a terrible idea. It was intended as a way to keep spots at game tables from being taken by people who register online and then don’t show. I’m throwing that idea out the window. People can chose games as soon as they register. The whole desire of somebody like me running something like this is to get people to register as early as possible. This convinces someone like me that they will actual have an event and that the whole exercise isn’t one of self delusion.

So virtual and real? Toast. As soon as somebody registers, I’ll put their number up on the schedule. I’ll replace the notion with another — a waiting list.

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