I think the event, OSRCon, has emerged from being a shadowy prospect to being a reality. We have lots of games and GMs, which is great. It’s the people who make the event.

I promoted on a large forum for the old school revival called Dragonsfoot. I sort of thought either it would be embraced or rebuked. The result was people looking at the posting and passing on. But that’s the thing about promotion: nobody really knows how it works.

I can think of one event so far that I did that appeared to have no effect at the time. No response at all. Clearly, in hindsight, it set up a spate of activity like a tee to a golf ball. I’m told in advertising there’s a saying: “Half of my money spent on advertising is completely thrown away. If only I could determine which half.”

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Putting on an old school RPG con in Toronto.
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