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Phantasm 2011 – As seen in Wired magazine!

That’s right, when the Phantasm Role-Playing Games (RPG) convention returns to the Peterborough Public Library this upcoming September 24th & 25th 2011, it will be Phantasm’s 21st year, making it central Ontario’s longest running RPG convention. So book your vacation, … Continue reading

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Hotlead 2012

Hotlead 2012 I’m in the process of talking to members of the Napoleonic miniatures community in Southern Ontario. I’m looking for some people to do a skirmish at OSRCon. It sounds simple, but it isn’t really. You have to find … Continue reading

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Exit Grognardia; Enter Grognards

James Maliszewski of the blog Grognardia has dropped out as a GOH for OSRCon. I have no idea why, as he wouldn’t say. Having watched this situation vacillate for four months, I predict nobody will ever meet JMal in person. … Continue reading

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I wrote an article recently about OSRCon and it started by talking about nostalgia. A person could say that that is all this event is about: a bunch of 40 year olds wanting to be 12 again. I won’t lie … Continue reading

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Thanks, World Fantasy 2011. Thanks a lot …

I just received a flyer in the mail from the World Fantasy Convention, which this year is in San Diego. The first thing the literature tells me is that the membership cap has been reached. So, I can’t register. Thanks … Continue reading

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