Thanks, World Fantasy 2011. Thanks a lot …

I just received a flyer in the mail from the World Fantasy Convention, which this year is in San Diego. The first thing the literature tells me is that the membership cap has been reached. So, I can’t register. Thanks for telling me… I guess. It just cost you $1.08 USD to tell me that.

OSRCon will have a cap of one hundred people. We have ten already, and three and a half months until the event. I suppose it could be larger, but this is my first time out at this. And setting a number allows us to know in advance how many tables we need, tasers, security guards, nets, nylon wrist ties, etc.

I’ve been placing a flyer/poster at local gaming stores. Dueling Grounds ( ) and 401Games ( ). Both are in the downtown area. And both do something pretty smart: they make space and tables available on site for people to game. Dueling Grounds has a big basement and 401Games has the third floor overlooking Yonge Street. The value of that can’t be overstated. Every weekend is a minicon at these places. And think of all those people dying for a place to get out of the house from. It’s clear that it works well for both, as they’ve become social hubs.

I won’t be running any Air War games at OSRCon. After two months of waiting, I contacted the Ebay seller. He says he sent it. Oh well. Life’s too short to worry about this kind of thing. I’ll run Steve Jackson Games’s Illuminati card game. It’s sort of a precursor to Magic The Gathering for paranoids, schizophrenics, and conspiracy theorists. I haven’t played it for quite a while. Fnord!

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