Phantasm Looking For GMs

The Phantasm convention returns to the Peterborough Public Library this upcoming September 24th & 25th 2011.

If you are interested in running something this year, please let me know; what game, how many times you would like to run it, and if it’s a board or card game if you need a 2h or 4h, or longer slot. Once you have a general idea of the game send me a 25-50 words teaser for your game.

This year in addition to all of the great RPG games we offer we’ll also have a large number of board and card games, offered in two-hour slot increments. If there is anything that you’d like to see at the convention that you haven’t in the past, now is the time to pass on the request. There is an ongoing discussion about the convention right now at our facebook group “Phantasm RPG Convention”.

David Watson
Phantasm Coordinator



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