Price Hike On Friday

Despite my best efforts, time marches on and Friday will be 1 July. That means the price will go up from $20 to $25. This is to make early adopters feel they did the right thing.

If  you don’t buy a ticket in advance, then you can buy a ticket at the door. It’ll be $25 for the whole weekend. $5 for Friday only. $20 for Saturday only. You can pay as you go if you decide on Friday morning over coffee to come to OSRCon.

It doesn’t get more expensive after this Friday. But it is cheaper right now. And I think we both know that if you come 12 Aug. Friday, then it’s pretty likely you’ll be having too much fun and will come the next day.

If you want to run a game as a GM, I don’t think that will be possible if  you arrive at the door. I’m probably going to cut that off on 1 Aug. After that date the list of games will be finalized and you’ll only be able to register as a player.

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