GURPS lives in Tredroy

Let’s take a look at at this gobbet from Alex Von Thorn‘s site:

“I became a playtester for GURPS in 1984. I later playtested GURPS Magic, GURPS Space, GURPS Supers, and other sourcebooks. I was asked to write Tredroy, a medieval urban setting in the world of Yrth which is ruled by three different kingdoms, which was a concept that really intrigued me. In 1990, I was asked to write a draft of GURPS Cyberpunk. GURPS Cyberpunk was involved in a landmark case against the United States Secret Service, in which the government lost on First and Fourth Amendment grounds. Though for me, what was significant were the reviews that said the netrunning system didn’t work and it didn’t have a world setting; these were the main components where my manuscript wasn’t used at all.”

Alex wrote Tredroy. He hasn’t run a game of any kind in fifteen years. But he’s going to run an adventure in this GURPS setting for us. This is really exciting. It will be in Session Three on Saturday morning.

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3 Responses to GURPS lives in Tredroy

  1. cheeseshop says:

    Tredroy was the first GURPS adventure I purchased. I have been thinking about running a game in some of the old adventures. Let us know how the Con goes.

  2. Chris Cunnington says:

    No problem. I think this adventure will be fascinating. I’ll blog about it afterward.

  3. Tyler says:

    Well that’s cool. I first experienced Tredroy and the Yrth setting at the local game convention here in Vermont. It spurred me to pick up the Banestorm edition of the setting, as well as seek out van Thorn’s Tredroy. Good stuff!

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