After each of the four sessions at OSRCon there will be a momentary raffle. It’ll take a few minutes each time. I’m talking to Emperor’s Choice about card games and books they may be sending from Buffalo to raffle off. James Raggi in Finland is sending some books for his excellent game Lamentations Of The Flame Princess. Kudos to them for being willing to support a new game convention in its first year.

I have a copy of the deluxe set of Steve Jackson Games’s Illuminati. I bought it to play at the con. We have so many great games it isn’t necessary now. I also have a copy of the Henchman Abuse module Anomalous Subsurface Environment. Both of them I’ll be raffling off.

If you have anything you think still has value and could use a new home, then you can bring it to the con on the day, and I’ll raffle it off to a new owner.

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