Mind Games: A History Of Role Playing Games

OSRCon takes place at the Lillian H. Smith library, but in the eyes of the Toronto Public Library (TPL) it is a Merril Collection event. The Merril is on the third floor of the Lillian H. Smith. To the TPL it’s known as a special collection for science fiction. There are other special collections for children’s books, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.

Part of the reason for the Merril making resources available for OSRCon is to publicize the scifi collection. It is to be hoped that people will go from the basement to the third floor by elevator and look around.

When you go, you’ll see as you enter a series of display cases follows the glass wall. They have presentations in them every few months on topics related to the Merril like space flight, vampires, steam punk, etc. It’s easy for the Merril to marshal these displays, because it has a huge amount of material.

During OSRCon there will be a display called Mind Games: A History Of Role Playing Games. They have created a diagram inspired by a phrenological chart. It is a head with locations that would say seat of intelligence or seat of compassion, but instead place different games in the evolution of the RPG.

The display cases will have a boxed Basic Edition of D&D. Traveller will be well represented, because scifi is the Merril’s main focus. There will be calligraphy from Tekumel along with early editions of Empire Of The Petal Throne. There will also be a section on fiction inspired by role playing games.

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3 Responses to Mind Games: A History Of Role Playing Games

  1. I did not know this.. AWESOME! Can’t wait to go see this, and hope to visit it over and over again!

  2. Carter Soles says:

    This sounds great!! As a sci-fi buff, I will be sure to check it out when I’m at the Con!

  3. walkerp says:

    Yes, the old books on display in the Merrill collection are gorgeous and it is really nicely done.

    Is the History of RPG exhibit going to stay up or is it only for the con?

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