From Buffalo To Arduin

I received a wonderful large box from Emperor’s Choice recently. It was the kind of box you always wanted to get in the mail — huge. The makers of Arduin have sent us at OSRCon a trove of stuff to raffle off at the event. You can see the two big books above: The Book of Khaas; and, Arduin Eternal. The Book Of Khaas is a gazetteer of the Arduin world. Arduin Eternal is the complete game in a single book. This is a good thing. I’m a fan of Arduin Grimoire and the rules needed a revision and consolidation that this fourth edition of the game provides.

The generous folks in Buffalo also sent 72 decks of Swords & Dragons. This is a card game from the Arduin multiverse brought to life in our world. You can see the delightful boxes and stacks of the card game in the photo above. Everybody will get one when they register at the registration table. It will be hard to miss.

How do you play? There are rules here. The rules will find you, however. When people are processed at registration (Yes, yes, you will be … processed! SOYLENT GRUEN EST MENCHENFLEISH!) you will be pointed to a pile of handouts. The handouts will contain a copy of the schedule, so you can choose games to play, a map of the area around the library, and the rules for Swords & Dragons.


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  1. Wish I was going to OSRcon…


  2. Should you need anything else from Emperors Choice or something special from me for next year’s CON, please feel free to let me know.

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