Metamorphosis Alpha, WardCo., and Australia

I got a great email from Craig J. Brain at WardCo. They are in Canberra, Australia and are the publishers of Metamorphosis Alpha. This is the game that was the precursor to Gamma World and is half of Expedition To The Barrier Peaks. They’ve put out a bulletin on their forum that a GM can go to OSRCon for free by running a game. Why not scoop the forum and take that slot for yourself? If you’ve got a copy of MA, or you can get WardCo. to put one in your hands by the con, then you’ll be taking people back to one of Gary E. Gygax’s Jim Ward’s earliest creations. I first saw MA profiled in The Best Of Dragon #1. There was nothing more intriguing than that article suggesting a whole new game I’d never heard of.


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  1. Travis Miller says:

    Jim Ward wrote MA, not Gary Gygax.

  2. I would go myself, but my 4WD just can’t handle the fording depth 🙂 Jim Ward, the primary player in WardCo. is in the US, but I suspect that he can’t make it either given his recent health issues.

    I would love to check this out and see what the Canadian gaming scene is like. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of gaming with Jason and Pippa Praine, a couple of Canadians, living in Brisbane, Australia who not only ran an excellent game, but really fired my curiosity about Canada. Not only about gaming, but now I really want to see that hotel made of ice that you guys have 🙂

    Craig J. Brain
    Canberra, Australia

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