The Battle Of Quebec in 6mm

Glenn Pearce and Ron Volke of the Napoleonic Miniatures Wargame Society Of Toronto  have confirmed that they will be coming to OSRCon. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Napoleonic wargame, this is your chance. They won’t be using a European theater but a Canadian one: The Battle Of Quebec:

“Quebec, the battle that decided Canada’s future. Gamed with 6mm miniatures from Baccus 6mm. Using rules for North American Wars which are presently being developed by Glenn Pearce for the Baccus Polemos series of rules. Put yourself in the shoes of Wolfe, Montcalm or one of their key commanders, and experience the pressure of command at the critical moments of this historical battle.”

This event will be on Saturday for both sessions three and four. You can register for it now as you would for any other game.


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  1. cheeseshop says:

    This looks like a ton of fun. The Battle Of Quebec is not one that I am familiar with, but am sure that it will garner a good deal of attention at ORSCon. I hope for the best at the Con, wish I was going.

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