Attendance Cap — twelve spots left

OK, well I guess it’s time for me to get real.

We have a lot of publicity. We have a lot of ability to sell tickets based on our publicity. But having sold a ticket, we need to fulfill expectations. The worst thing to do would be to oversell the event.

Each table basically occupies 7 people (1 GM; 6 players). For the sessions we have GMs: 3; 4; 6;7. That means on Friday early we can seat 21 people; late 28 people. On Saturday we can seat 42 people; and, then finally 49 people.

I don’t think it matters much on Friday. I don’t see everybody showing up Friday morning. I suppose half of the people who come on Saturday will come on Friday.

Do you see where this is going? I cannot oversell the event. So that means I need an attendance cap. We have sold 36 memberships so far. I’m going to cap it at 50 people. I feel reasonably certain I can fulfill the expectations I’ve created with that number and the resources I have. ( I appreciate that 50-49 = 1 and that 50-42=8, etc. I have a feeling it’ll work out.)

That means there are twelve spots left.

There is a secondary priority at play here after not overselling the event. I’m responsible to the people who have already bought tickets. I’m not responsible to the people who might show up.

I don’t see any other recourse without being irresponsible. So fifty it is. With thirty-six already sold.

I have to say that with James Maliszewski, Ed Greenwood, Napoleonic wargaming, hundreds of dollars of raffle prizes, free pop, and a basement that looks like an actual dungeon, this is going to be an amazing event. Unfortunately, it’s now an exclusive event.

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  1. Carter Soles says:

    Sounds like you’ve got things under control — looking forward to the weekend!

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