Blowing off the dust

It’s been about six, seven months since I posted here. It looks like nothing has been happening, but an event like this even though small needs a weekly watering.

I’ll start selling tickets to OSRCon in a few weeks on 1 April. The price is the same as last year. The difference is that there is no free admission for game masters. We have expenses now, so all admission is the same price.

One other change. Last year I handled every registration personally. This year I’m writing a registration app in Python to do that.

(For those who are interested, it sends a person to PayPal, who sends the user data for me to store in a shelve file. A person gets emailed a member number and password. Then they can log in and use four drop down menus to choose their games for the four sessions. The schedule page is dynamically generated from the shelve file.)

I’m not God’s gift to programming, but I’m determined to make this work. So there might be few bumps along the way. I aspire to have people register while I’m asleep and contact me only for problems. It may be ready to go for 1 April and it may not. Either way tickets will go on sale then.

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