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One Month Down; Three Two Go

Just a wrap-up of the way the first month has gone. I started selling tickets on 1 April and it’s now 30 April. We’ve averaged about a new member a day for a total of around thirty people signed up … Continue reading

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Metamorphosis Alpha on Kickstarter

I just saw this recently. There is a Kickstarter for Metamorphosis Alpha. Not much time left for it and it looks to be a success. There was some talk of having MA come to OSRCon, but …what was it, the … Continue reading

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RuneQuest on the Schedule

  It’s confirmed, we have two sessions with RuneQuest being GMed by Lawrence Whitaker from the current home of RuneQuest, The Design Mechanism. I’m glad to have these sessions of RuneQuest for as an old school event I want the … Continue reading

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Lost In Glorantha

  Last year I had a bunch of guys ready to play RuneQuest and the GM didn’t show. Annoying. Very annoying. This year we’ve got the makers from the new home of RuneQuest ( The Design Mechanism ). Lawrence Whitaker, … Continue reading

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The early bird gets the gagh!

  Klingon saying: “The early bird gets the gagh!” There are five visiting guest sessions. The first two of those sessions – Ken and James – are full. The other two from Ken and James have seven spaces each. There … Continue reading

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Consolidation around Labyrinth Lord?

  I remember last year there was a number of new old school systems. Let’s say Castles & Crusades, Hackmaster, Swords & Wizardry, and Labyrinth Lord. At this point – four months out – we have two Labyrinth Lord games … Continue reading

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A Dealer’s Table – Bring your products

If you have a product for sale, you can bring it to OSRCon to sell. We’ll have a table, where you can display it. Or two tables. Something. I went to an event called TABSCon (Toronto Area Board Game Society) … Continue reading

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Tickets now available

  Tickets are now available to be sold. Unfortunately being a game master does not provide free admission this year. But hey, Game Of Thrones season two first episode is on in a couple of hours.

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