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Boot Hill miniatures

There will be several Boot Hill sessions at OSRCon in about ten days. The GM for that game is going to great lengths to make it as great a game as he can. He’s travelling from the United States and … Continue reading

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Conan On Screen

OSRCon homepage I’ve seen Conan The Barbarian probably ten times in the last thirty years. Until last night,  I had never seen it on screen. I went to the Bell Lightbox and saw it with a mainly twentysomething crowd. They’re … Continue reading

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Friday RuneQuest canceled due to work commitments

  Lawrence Whitaker found out he has work commitments on Friday and so he cannot run the RuneQuest game scheduled then. He’ll be there on Saturday running a RQ adventure. And he’ll be on the panel.

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Tables, chairs….hmmm, that’s about it

  I’m talking to the library about setup. Not much to set up, is there? There are never enough tables. And it can get as loud as a jet engine in that basement chamber. But other than that… drag a … Continue reading

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Securing The Gatekeeper

  Sure, I’d like to think I can do it all by myself. Other people are annoying. It cannot be avoided, though, that to make OSRCon work, as I did last year, I need Arlene’s help. You’ll remember Arlene. She … Continue reading

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Bit off a bit more than I could chew

  I’ve been playing with creating a members’ login app. And while it may become a reality, it’s  the last four weeks before the event itself and I have other things to do. As such I’m going to have step … Continue reading

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