You know the event is close at hand when…

I can tell when OSRCon is getting close by a certain kind of email I start to receive. Early adopters are enthusiastic. A certain kind of email arrives just before the day is here. It’s always a question from a person who wants me to prove something. It’s as though they resent me putting on the event and they want proof from me that they should participate. “Prove it”, this kind of emails says. I ignore them. People like that are never satisfied. And ironically, they think this event is a bigger deal than it is.

Sure, it’s fun. And I’m happy when it’s actually under weigh. Waiting, now, for the day to arrive, sucks. The reason is there is nothing I can do anymore. Everything is beyond my power now. I can only wait, see how things go, and do the reasonable thing in any given moment. I don’t think the haters who send me the occasional email get that. They think, it seems to me, that this is the moment I have lots of authority, lots of control. Sorry, guy. I’m at the mercy of the monster I’ve created.

I do know a few things, though. Ken St. Andre is actually coming. We have people from Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York state coming. There are not going to be that many people (~ 60-70). But those people will included Ed Greenwood and James Maliszewski. That’s a huge amount of guest firepower for the number of people who will attend. And some people who are coming are going to be over the moon to meet these guests. That’s a fact. Try going to GenCon the weekend after this one and see how close you get to … anybody.

So, hater, you’ve got it wrong. This is not the time where I’m some sort of all seeing all controlling Sauron. This is the worst part. The waiting.


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