Is too much transparency a bad thing?

I may have the only gaming convention in the world that posts all its games and all its players online before the event. Show me where that happens anywhere else.

The reason I do it is I always hated going to scifi conventions where you could never know when something was going to happen in advance. Want to know when and where the Starlost panel is going to be, so you can show up and hit that one event specifically? Forget it. They always assumed you were in it for the duration. From start to finish you’d be happy to wait for them to post a schedule on the day. I still hate that.

So I’ve made everything explicit. The dark side of that seems to be that if people don’t see lots of games on Friday morning, then that means that nothing’s happening. It guess that’s the Internet and its way of perceiving reality.

The actual event is very different from the way it looks online. Last year there was lots of shifting between games and people choosing different tables. Heck, last year we had lots of RuneQuest games. Two, if I recall. Neither of them happened.

I had people offering Bushido, Swords & Wizardy, RuneQuest. At the last moment all those GMs cancelled. Perhaps they figured they would show up and be surrounded by strangers and it was too much to bear. I don’t know. Cancellations are almost non-existant this year. The point is, when people are actually here, the event happens. Pick up games happen. People talk, etc.

Two other thoughts. The first is watching Ken St. Andre play will be fascinating. I had a viewing section for the Ed Greenwood game last year. Excellent GMs are rare and some people just want to watch.

The second thing is that there is no price difference between days this year. There is only one price $25. Do you know why? Because Ken St. Andre does not live in Mississauga. If you’re paying for it, and you use the schedule solely as your guide, something spontaneous is going to happen, and – yea – you’ll miss it.

Internet porn is not sex. Sometimes things in real life are different than they appear on the Internet. :p


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