Thanks to everybody who came to OSRCon this year and made it so much fun. Thanks to the attendees. And thanks to the guests.

I didn’t label anything in the photos, so… The long beard on the panel is Ed Greenwood. The hat on the panel is Ken St. Andre of Tunnels & Trolls. The glasses on the panel was James Maliszewski of Grognardia. And the none of the above was Lawrence Whitaker of RuneQuest. Thanks for such a great panel discussion!

I think this event was a little smoother this year. It felt like a big basement of somebody’s house or mansion instead of a public library. It was a pretty warm vibe. Doing it a second time was certainly easier than the first time. Thanks again. For those of you going to GenCon 45 next weekend, have fun!

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Putting on an old school RPG con in Toronto.
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4 Responses to Thanks!

  1. ramanan says:

    Thanks for organizing. I discovered the convention at the last minute, and am really happy I decided to come. I hope you do it again next year.

  2. Akrasia says:

    Thanks for putting together and running the con! I had an excellent time, even though I could only attend on Saturday. I’m hoping to come again next year. 😀

  3. Steve Connor says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. I enjoyed the OSRcon very much and was greatly impressed by your willingness to even undertake it. I was particularly delighted with my Boot Hill group on Friday. Even though none of the seven had even played BH, they jumped right into the story. I hope next year to offer games in other genres to highlight other areas in the golden age of gaming.

  4. Matt says:

    An amazing event, will absolutely stay tuned to the blog for registration details next year! Thanks for organizing, will see you in 2013!!!

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