Would you like to join a steering committee?

I’m good at starting things and not so great at keeping them going. I’ve done OSRCon for two years and for it to happen a third or fourth time, it would be great to have some help. If anybody wants to join a committee to meet once a month in person or on Google Plus, let me know. This stuff would be much easier to do with a team.

It’s a long way to next summer. Ed Greenwood seems to really like the “laid back nature” of OSRCon. That’s pleasing to me, because almost nobody … no, nobody I know anywhere, at any time has ever called me “laid back”. Ed would come back, I’m pretty sure. And James is on the is board, and I think he’d come again. Once a steering committee is set up then we can look at getting guest similar to Ken St. Andre whom we had this year.

I hope to manage OSRCon for it’s third time with a few more people. If you’d like to participate, please let me know.


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Putting on an old school RPG con in Toronto.
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4 Responses to Would you like to join a steering committee?

  1. Carter Soles says:

    I would like to serve on the committee.

  2. Greg Gillespie says:

    I’ll certainly run games, and help in any capacity you think might fit.

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