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Happy New Year!

Hi All, Here’s wishing you a great 2013. One that was better than this year and the last. And for those of you watching Grognardia and wondering what happened to the posting, I can observe a few things. James has … Continue reading

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Aaaaand we’re back…to the Merril

The guys at ARRG! did a great job of trying to move OSRCon to Ryerson University. Unfortunately, the central administration that they reserved SCC115 six weeks ago contacted them to say the reservation was canceled. Just like that. And we … Continue reading

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Frank Mentzer booked for OSRCon 2013

I’m happy to announce that Frank Mentzer got back to me and is delighted to be the guest of honor for OSRCon 2013. He loves the city, has fond memories of being here in the 80s, and plans to drive … Continue reading

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