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I moved nginx to another port and restarted apache so I’ll do my learning on that port and make the transition when its ready. Nothing to see here. These are not the droids you’re looking for.

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I’m working on another project and I’ve reached my limit with the Apache web server. The directives shouldn’t be this bizarre. So, today is nginx web server day. I’m switching over. Unfortunately, I don’t know heaps about it, so osrcon … Continue reading

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Frank’s Back

OK, Frank Mentzer is back in the mix. He and his wife are coming to Toronto. We’re back where we were two weeks ago except for two things: we are in a new location; and James Maliszewski is not a … Continue reading

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A New Location

First, I should apologize to Frank Mentzer for screwing things up this year.  I’ll try to fix it in future. And second, thanks for Ed Greenwood for rolling with the situation. I appreciate that. I remember talking to the guy … Continue reading

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OK, I have an idea

Jesus Christ. Stop emailing me. This is getting depressing. I have an idea. It’s surefire, though it’d change OSRCon a bit. I’ve emailed Ed and if he’s still game, then I think I can swing something. Give me a day … Continue reading

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OSRCon Is Cancelled

Sigh. Where to start. How about reading the Kickstarter for Dwimmermount? Read the latest report from the beleaguered project manager. He’s serious when he says he thinks James Maliszewski is out of his mind. What sells it is the compassion … Continue reading

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