A New Location

First, I should apologize to Frank Mentzer for screwing things up this year.  I’ll try to fix it in future. And second, thanks for Ed Greenwood for rolling with the situation. I appreciate that.

I remember talking to the guy who started TABSCon. They called their first event CondoCon, as it was in their rec-room. This is my version of that except this building is probably a lot nicer.

This year OSRCon will be over the August 3/4th weekend on the Saturday and Sunday.  It’ll be at the Manulife Centre in the Party Room, thirty-one floors above Bay Bloor Radio. I live here so its easy to set up. We’ll have to talk about getting past security. And parking.

You’ve probably been to the Manulife Centre before to see a movie at the Varsity or to attend a Bruce Campbell/Bill Clinton/Arnold Schwartzenneger book signing at the Indigo.

The Party Room is capacity sixty, well appointed, used for corporate meetings, has couches, a kitchen, and floor to ceiling glass windows. The view is fantastic. When people think of the Toronto skyline, they think of this.

I’ll start selling tickets on 1 May (a month later than usual). There won’t be a panel, but Ed will do a Q&A session. He’s a treasure chest of what’s happening in the D&D world at any given moment.

I hope to meet with the fellows I intended to have a G+ hangout with to address publicity now that Grognardia is of no assistance. And I need to get back to the Pathfinder guy.


			It would mean calling in all my 
			favors, captain. To do what 
			you're asking would use up every 
			resource I have left on Cardassia. 
			And it may be a very messy, very 
			bloody business. Are you prepared 
			for that?

			I posted my fourteenth casualty 
			list this morning. I'm already 
			involved in a very messy, very 
			bloody business. And the only way 
			I can see to end it is to bring 
			the Romulans into the war. I'm 
			prepared to do whatever it takes 
			to accomplish that goal, but I 
			can't do it alone. I need help. 
			Now, are you in or out?

	Garak looks into his eyes for a long beat, takes the 
	measure of Sisko and his commitment, then stands and 
	puts out his hand.

			I'm in.

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