Wizard’s Cache store opening

I was inside the second hand bookstore Willow Books today (333 Bloor Street West by the St. George subway station beside the Bata Shoe Museum ) looking for a second hand copy of Dune. It’s a wandering space with stairs going down, up, and up some more. I found Toronto’s newest game store, Wizard’s Cache.

It’s fair to say Wizard’s Cache is hidden away and the discovery was a pleasant surprise. The space is very small, the people are very nice, and they have things for Heroclix, Dungeons&Dragons, Nintendo, and Palladium Books. I think its grand opening is 1 May at 11am (that’s a Wednesday). It’s worth checking out. It may be a little hard to find, but people seem to be plugged into Toronto Area Gamers and other parts of TO’s scifi community. Drop in an say Hi to George.



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