The app is shaping up

Thanks to the brave souls (five so far) who have registered. Your roughing the weirdness of my program has gone a long way to sorting it out. (Sorry about the redirection to YouTube when the authentication failed! It seemed funny at the time.) As far as I can tell, it’s now working alright.

There is one quirk. I didn’t realized that some people buy more than one membership with a single email. That makes it weird when they try to log into two accounts with a single email. C’est la. I have a hack to solve that problem, but it is something I didn’t think of.

Also, I think the Seating page is useful, and I’ll keep it. The Schedule really should update and list users, so that’s the thing I’ll add next.

The room capacity is 60. Less me, the guests, and Mrs. Mentzer, that leaves 56 tickets. Five are now gone. 51 tickets; three months.


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Putting on an old school RPG con in Toronto.
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