Official RuneQuest Returns

Lawrence Whitaker, the copyright holder of RuneQuest, is coming back to OSRCon this year. He owns The Design Mechanism  which publishes RuneQuest. He has emailed me a description for a campaign he’ll be running called The Warlord Falls over sessions one and two. I’ll add that to the schedule soon. Also, Lawrence will be a member of the panel with Ed and Frank on Saturday afternoon.


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2 Responses to Official RuneQuest Returns

  1. Joe D says:

    Pretty excited to be attending…small venue, local to me (and I didn’t even know about it) with some great names in the industry. Do you know when the schedule will be more final so we can start signing up? Are the guests putting on some games?

    • brasspen says:

      The schedule is in a cool period for two reasons. The first is I’m working to ensure the programs I’ve written for it actually work. It’ll thicken up as time goes on. I have the games the guests are running. I won’t put them up for a week or so to ensure the registration system works. And then I need to announce when I’m going to do it, as there are only a limited number of slots for each session of a guest’s game, etc.

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