Guest Games & More Debugging

I’m plugging away at making the registration app more reliable. It’ll be tucked away by 1 June, in about ten days. This matters, because I haven’t listed the guests’ games yet. In fact, there are a bunch of games I haven’t posted yet. And on top of that I’ve got a cool announcement about one of the guests’ games.

The thing is I need to have a piece of code that says whether a session is full or not. If a guest’s session is full, then the app needs to make that clear. It’s been pre-occupying me. Also, I’ve been happy to slow down a bit after the first batch of tickets sold. Hang tight. More news to follow. I like coding, but I can’t really say I’m adept.

Little yellow posters are going up in stores now. The Silver Snail, Harry Tarantula, and Wizard’s Cache have them. I’ll get them soon to Bakka-Phoenix Books, Duelling Grounds, and 401 Games.

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