Friday Night Frank

Frank Mentzer generously offered to run a game on Friday night, the day he gets into town. I didn’t have a space to host a game on Friday night. I’ve asked The Wizard’s Cache to host him that night in their new, expanded basement digs. We’re going to split the attendance between WC and OSRCon (four and four, I guess). Frank’s got a great list of possible games he’s willing to run at cons this year such as: The Case of the Missing Magic; Quondam Fount; The Witches of Chell; and, Saturday Night Special. I figure I’ll ask him to run the first two on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, as people can buy the modules afterward. If anybody has a strong feeling about this the descriptions for the last two are below. Details about registering for that game, as the other guest games, coming soon.

Title: The Witches of Chell

#Players: 3 to 8

Time: 4+ hrs

Description: The accused may hang unless you prove their innocence. Are they witches? (Set in the colonial period of the Aquaria campaign)

Experience: Minimal D&D knowledge required (any version, 0e thru 3.5e)

System: D&D, tbd (0e, 1e, or BECM/RC)

Characters: D&D characters provided, Levels 1-3


Title: Saturday Night Special (approx. 7p+): Lich Dungeon 2

#Players: 3 to 10

Time: 4+ hrs

Description: Preview, upcoming from Eldritch! The legendary 1976 megadungeon… beware the Norks!

Experience: Minimal D&D experience required (any version, 0e thru 3.5e)

System: D&D BECM/RC

Characters: D&D characters provided, Levels 3-5

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