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This year’s mini poster

This is this year’s poster. You’ll likely see it around Toronto in places (Ryerson, UofT, York, some store, etc.). Thanks Chaosium! The cheque’s in the mail. Fight On! is coming out with another issue and it’ll be there too.  

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Chainmail – The movie

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Are you a security hacker? Do you want a free ticket? Here are the Python files I wrote for this application. If you want free admission, show me a serious security exploit. Not “You should have used Ruby On Rails” or “Your code is spaghetti”. If you can show me … Continue reading

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Schedule Page Now Automated

I’ve added automatic update to the schedule page the same way the seating page has it. You should see your game choices in both places. On the seating page they are beside your member number. On the schedule page you … Continue reading

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Official RuneQuest Returns

Lawrence Whitaker, the copyright holder of RuneQuest, is coming back to OSRCon this year. He owns The Design Mechanism  which publishes RuneQuest. He has emailed me a description for a campaign he’ll be running called The Warlord Falls over sessions one … Continue reading

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46 tickets remaining

In the past twenty-four hours we’ve sold ten tickets. So, there are 46 remaining. It’s a nice start. Thanks all.  I’ll have the Schedule page automated by Monday.  If any of you were wondering which Youtube video my original script … Continue reading

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The app is shaping up

Thanks to the brave souls (five so far) who have registered. Your roughing the weirdness of my program has gone a long way to sorting it out. (Sorry about the redirection to YouTube when the authentication failed! It seemed funny … Continue reading

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