Mr. Gameways’ Ark

mga_adThis is fun. I was looking through old issues of The Globe & Mail. On 29 October, 1982, the EO7 page of the Entertainment section had an ad for the most famous of games stores in Southern Ontario. They are touting Trivial Pursuit, I think because they had an exclusive dealership license or something. Overstock of Trivial Pursuit and embezzlement would ruin them a year later. I understand the Christmas of 1983 wiped them away with no cash on hand and rooms full of unsold boxes of the game. It was a fantastic store, though. I got to visit once on a visit from Oakville. I recall seeing the replica of the Star Trek Enterprise bridge in the basement. It would be great to get pictures of the interior. The five store owners, I understand, are annoyed with how it all fell apart. For those coming to OSRCon, the Manulife Centre is on Charles St. one block from Yonge St. Mr. Gameways’ ark was on the north east corner of Charles and Yonge in an old postal station over several floors. Now it’s a Starbucks and a McDonalds.


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  1. Pete says:

    We have a post about Mr Gameways’ Ark on the TABS website ( in the Bargain Bin section. The thread is about 80s Toronto game stores and I’ve uploaded a outside shot of the store I tracked down with the famous sign. That part of the site isn’t public, so you’ll need to be logged in as a member to view it. Fortunately, membership is free.

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