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Manulife Centre foyer protocol

The Manulife Centre is kind of intense. When you arrive in the foyer, check in at the security desk. They’ll be the people staring at you. Say you’re on your way to OSRCon in Party Room on the 31st floor. … Continue reading

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Speaking of Gamma World – Mutant Future added to the schedule

Brian Russell’s going to run a game of Mutant Future on Sunday afternoon. The module will be Realm Of The Technomancer. Pretty cool.

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n tables, 32 chairs, 6 couches

We have lots of tables, 32 chairs, and 6 couches. It’s a little off the wall, but it should fit. The full attendance of the event never seems to sit down at one time. Couches for a gaming event are … Continue reading

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Frank Mentzer Lich Dungeon filled

The session two game with Frank Mentzer “Lich Dungeon” is now filled. It has eight people. If more want to join, that’s Frank’s discretion on the day. If you missed out on that, perhaps he’ll be willing to run something … Continue reading

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Under the gun

The event is next weekend and I’m getting two kinds of emails with different forms of excitement. Some are concerned that there are not more people registered for their games. Some people are just excited. All this stuff on the … Continue reading

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HeroQuest table cancelled

The game master for the HeroQuest table feels that due to low registration for the game and the time required for preparing the game that he’d prefer to not run it.

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About that Gamma World ad

I remember reading that one of Gary Gygax’s daughters was in a Gamma World ad. This picture was taken from the Gamma World ad on the back of White Dwarf #12 April/May 1979.This picture was taken from the Kickstarter from … Continue reading

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