Christmas Ad of The Damned …

mga_xmasThe clock ticks for Mr. Gameways’ Ark, if it did but know it!

It hasn’t advertised for almost all of 1983 in the Saturday entertainment pages of the Globe & Mail. But – lo! – the above ad appeared 12 Nov. 1983 issue, page L4. There was an article a year before in the Globe on Hexacon ’82. That was a while ago. Perhaps the novelty of these new things called role playing games  is fading…

Mr. Gameway’s Ark has expanded now to four locations: Yonge St., Cloverdale Mall, Kitchener, and something called Towne and Country (Isn’t that magazine?). Has it expanded too much too soon? Has it committed itself to Trivial Pursuit too much? Are the five stakeholders using the company as  a private piggy bank too much? (Embezzlement! It’s a spell! Look it up!).

Night closes for Toronto’s best ever game store. Christmas comes. Mr. Gameway’s Ark will unwrap the shiny present of it’s own destruction. “Woe to you, oh earth and sea for the devil (Type IV) comes with wrath, for he knows the time is short…”


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  1. Town and Country was a mall at Yonge and Steele’s. By the mid 80s the only store worth going to was “Leisure World” which may have only had minis.

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