Wee Warriors & The Vampire Queen

So, waiting for things to move from the arrival of the plane to the game session, Frank and I had some time to kill. He’s got lots of stories and here are some things I didn’t know.

The first modules for D&D were called The Palace of The Vampire Queen and Dwarven Glory. But they weren’t really modules as we know them. The were called “dungeon master design kits.” They had lots of monsters and treasure and not much else.

Seems TSR allowed them to make character sheets and these two modules before they saw the potential and told them they’d be taking the work in-house. By the way, if you use our trademark, we’ll sue you. The company was called Wee Warriors  and that was pretty much it for the involvement in the D&D world of Pete and Judy Kerestan, co-owners of the company.


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