Deities & Demigods versions

Talking to Frank Mentzer could be a trip because you’d get these direct answers to long standing, debated-around-the-game-store questions in a direct bang-bang, one-two punch format.

Turns out The Chaosium did not send a cease and desist letter to TSR about Elric and Cthulhu mythoi. The Blume brothers pulled them from Deities & Demigods because they made reference to games not owned by TSR.

Frank told me there were five versions using three criteria: are the mythoi in the book?; are the mythoi attributed to The Chaosium?; is the correct number of mythoi in the book represented on the cover? So, the five versions starting with the first are:

1. Squids – no thanks

2. Squids with thanks

3. No squids with thanks

4. No squids; no thanks; wrong number of mythoi on the cover

5. No squids; no thanks; right details on cover

Number three is the funniest, I think. They took out the Elric and Cthulhu mythoi and left thanks to The Chaosium on the legal page at the front.

The next time you scope out Deities & Demigoes on Ebay, remember Frank’s advice. You want the oldest version – Squids; no thanks.

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