I just found out that OSRCon happened this year. So, I’m learning this two weeks after the fact. OK, that’s a shame. I would have liked to have gone. Here’s hoping there’s an OSRCon 6.

Here’s to the people that went this year. I’m sure it was a great event.



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Putting on an old school RPG con in Toronto.
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4 Responses to OSRCon V

  1. Angry Monk says:

    Hey Chris,
    Good to hear from you. Yes, OSRCon happened. Unfortunately, I’m not very close to TO, so I also didn’t make it. I desperately want to go next year if it happens.
    I know you had to step away from it. I am curious that Toronto can’t seem to support a full-out Old School Renaissance convention like I keep hearing about in other places in the States. I would think the city was large enough to really create a fabulous convention. In your opinion, what do people need to do to make this a bigger, more well-attended event?
    I really appreciate that you started this event. I had a blast attending one year (Ed Greenwood, James Maliszewski, Greg Gillespie and Ken St. Andre were there). I hope all is well and look forward to thanking you in person for what you’ve started.

    • brasspen says:

      I don’t know. It’s happened five times so far. That’s pretty impressive in any capacity. The truth, Angry Monk, is that people are annoying. Running these things is hard. Even when you’re winning. That said, like you, I look forward to next year. Here’s hoping you can attend.

      • Angry Monk says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I think 5 times is great. And I can’t imagine the organizational brain power to lift this off the ground. But from your experience, what would you have needed to make this a “better” event? And by better, I don’t mean mammoth (like GenCon), but more sustainable? Other than attending, what could I do to help (keeping in mind I don’t live in Toronto)? I don’t mean to badger you, and if you don’t wish to continue the discussion, that’s cool. I just would love for this event to grow and become more sustainable.

      • brasspen says:

        I don’t feel badgered. I was skirting your question a bit.
        What can you do? Contact Brian Russell. Volunteer to be the first member of a steering committee that meets on Google Hangout once a month. Contact the usual suspects (the people who ran games this year) and get them to join the hangout once a month. I’d volunteer, but it’s Brian’s thing now and I think he’d finds me exhausting.
        If there were a monthly virtual hangout, you’ll build momentum and things would take care of themselves. FWIW.

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