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Putting on an old school RPG con in Toronto.

OSRCon IV and Brian Russell

I went to OSRCon IV on the weekend and it was great fun. I had no more expectation that I’d ever go to OSRCon again than I would type on this blog. After three times I was exhausted. I asked … Continue reading

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Back in the day…

One day Wally Hnatiw came out of the University Theater on Bloor and saw a store he’d never seen before. On the second floor across the street was a store called Mr. Gameways’ Ark. This was the 70s and he’d … Continue reading

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My Coffee With Wally

I just had coffee with Wally Hnatiw (of Dungeon Parties Inc., Games By The Water, The Full Spectrum Game Club, and Pandemonium) and got a great load of stories about the game scene in the early 80s. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Coffee with Wally

I posted about the Full Spectrum Game Club and got the correct spelling for Wally Hnatiw. Naturally, the thing to do was to look him up in the phone book, give him a call, and invite him for coffee. We’re … Continue reading

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The Full Spectrum Gaming Club

In our faux timeline for Mr. Gameways’ Ark, it is now hurtling towards oblivion. I was talking to a fellow at OSRCon who added a wrinkle. The third floor was not part of the store. It was a warehouse and … Continue reading

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Deities & Demigods versions

Talking to Frank Mentzer could be a trip because you’d get these direct answers to long standing, debated-around-the-game-store questions in a direct bang-bang, one-two punch format. Turns out The Chaosium did not send a cease and desist letter to TSR … Continue reading

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Pictures from Saturday

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